About Join Us


Javed AliI  Javed Ali, the innovator of the “JOIN US (A COMPLETE TRAVEL SOLUTION)”, would like to share my personal experience with you of more than fifteen years in the tourism industry.  I would like to take you on unforgettable journeys in the world of tourism. I have been travelling through every nook and corner of India and exploring the charm of villages, vivacity of culture, addiction of nature, ecstasy of mountains, antiquity of heritage and the legacy of the greatest rulers.

Travelling has always been my biggest passion. I can remember my school days when I would get only two rupees from my father, for the conveyance, but I would walk to school and back, saving my two rupees to fulfil my passion of travelling. Meeting different people from different places always fascinated me and taking new and different thoughts from them and telling them about my culture and traditions.

I have done substantial research on different religions which prevail in the country and I have also been exploring subjects like spiritualism, Sufism, Indian folk, classical Indian art and Ayurveda. These are a few subjects which are often neglected by travel forums but, it should be part of the brand “Incredible India”. I enjoy rural living, ethnic attires, delicious cuisines cooked by mothers, the elegant craftsmanship and much more and I feel that whenever one visits my country it must be experienced! Though these are relatively less important topics pertaining to a mainstream tour itinerary but still they can contribute a lot to the Indian experience and promotion of responsible and cooperative travel in India.

Thus, my “JOIN US (A COMPLETE TRAVEL SOLUTION) is a small contribution towards the progress of Indian tourism and making people across the globe explore and feel the real India which is incredible indeed!!!